Who are The Cascadians?

The Cascadians is an outdoor recreation and conservation club located in Yakima, Washington.

Activities include hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, bicycling, golf, paddling and more.

Cascadians have been enjoying the trails and peaks of the Pacific Northwest since 1920.

YNSSC Meeting Tonight

Yakima Nordic Skiing and Snowshoeing Council (YNSSC) Zoom meeting

Oct 20, 2021 07:00 p.m. Pacific Time

Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 998 508 4838

Passcode: naches

Mile McPhee is inviting all members of the Cascadians to listen in to the first YNSSC meeting of the year:

Greetings. Starting to snow up high, and it's time to plan nonmotorized activities for winter. Smoke is mostly gone and the Bumping road is open, but unfortunately Covid-19 hangs in there. It seems to me that it might be complicated to meet in person at the Ranger Station, so I suggest meeting again by Zoom at 7 pm, Oct 20, which would be the traditional third Wednesday. I will host and send a link early next week.

I talked with Jerry Ford yesterday. Found out that the Hut was moved to the Ranger Station during the fire. That implies that (a) it didn’t burn, and (b) the tires aren’t flat! I think the first item for discussion will be whether we want to deploy this winter, and if so where and when. Also, do we want to stock the shelter at Pleasant Valley again?

Personal note: In May, I re-injured a knee that has been without cartilage since 1964 (but I really did love football) and it has continued to deteriorate since. The upshot is that I am having it replaced in early November, and probably won’t be skiing until late in the season. A couple of years ago, I floated the idea that maybe it was time for some new YNSSC leadership. Response then was tepid, but if anyone wants to take on the chair, now would be an excellent time.

Hope you will join next week,

Cheers, Miles

No General Meetings Planned

The Board of Directors had suspended in-person General Meetings until further notice.

Last Wednesday of the Month 

General Meeting 7:00 p.m.

Want to be the Newsletter Editor?

The Cascadians are once again looking for a volunteer to become the next monthly Newsletter Editor.  Once a tedious editing and printing process, the Newsletter has been streamlined to a hybrid printed/online format under the direction of a recently formed oversight group that supports the Newsletter Editor.  Our thanks to the previous Editor, Tracy Sawyer, who was instrumental in developing the new format, but has stepped down to meet other commitments.  If you are interested in the post, please send an inquiry to and the working group will be happy to discuss what is involved.

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