Who are The Cascadians?

The Cascadians is an outdoor recreation and conservation club located in Yakima, Washington.

Activities include hiking, backpacking, climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, bicycling, golf, paddling and more.

Cascadians have been enjoying the trails and peaks of the Pacific Northwest since 1920.

February General Meeting

Wednesday, February 22

Meyer Auditorium at The Terraces at Summitview

(Formerly the Living Care Retirement Center), 215 N 40th Ave Yakima

PROGRAM:  Birds to watch for on hikes from Yakima

by Andy Stepniewski

Cascadians have a fabulous opportunity to search for and watch birds on their hikes to the nearby Cascade Range east slopes. The pronounced rainshadow from the “wetside” to the “dryside” results in a complex array of ecosystems, from snowy and cold at the mountain crest down to near-desert and warm near Yakima. Each of these vegetation zones hosts its own flora and fauna. Birds are the perhaps the most visible of the fauna in this very diverse landscape, easy to hear but often more challenging to see.

Join Andy on this vicarious tour as he takes you upslope through the seasons, exactly as many of you do following snowmelt on your treks as spring progresses up the Cascade east slopes. On this climb up the Cascade east slopes, he’ll discuss the various ecosystems and illustrate a few of the characteristic bird species of each zone.  He'll also try to demystify identifying birds and will briefly touch on the major conservation issues facing the region.

NEW MEMBER ORIENTATION is 6:00-7:00 p.m. before the general meeting in the Village CafĂ© West room.

Leader: Dan Fortier (509-952-5900). This is a time set aside to welcome new members to the club, provide information about Cascadians, and answer any questions that new members may have.

EVENT PLANNING PIPELINE MEETING is at 6:00 p.m. before the General Meeting (see below).

Event Planning Pipeline Meeting

Wednesday, February 22

Meyer Auditorium at The Terraces at Summitview

(Formerly the Living Care Retirement Center), 215 N 40th Ave Yakima

In the wake of the pandemic, the event planning machinery of the Cascadians is slowly returning to its former levels of productivity. Currently, there are a couple of very active groups putting events into the Calendar, but there are still some large gaps in the club's event offerings.

The Board of Directors has dealt with pandemic recovery issues for some time, but now we would like to open the discussion to our leaders and planners. We want your help to develop ways to introduce new people to outdoor recreation, cultivate new event leaders, expand our event menu to include a better mix of activities including kayaking, backpacking, climbing, and cycling, and to provide more dog-friendly and weekend activities, to name the most notable gaps.

If you are an existing event leader, or would like to be one, and have ideas or suggestions about how to improve our event planning pipeline, come to the General Meeting (see above) an hour early and participate in this initial discussion.

Satch Ludington

President, The Cascadians

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