Active Cascadian Groups

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Trekkers are a relatively fast-paced hiking group best described as destination hikers.  Trekker hikes are on Tuesday and most Saturdays.  Hiking season runs mid-March into October.   In the winter the group switches to snowshoes and cross-country skis.

Free Spirits

Tuesday Free Spirits are an intermediate group between the Pathfinders and Trekkers.
The Free Spirits hike a little faster, farther and climb a little more elevation than the Pathfinders, but slower, not as far and not as much elevation gain than the Trekkers.


Pathfinders hike every Thursday except Thanksgiving and other holidays, at least 48 hikes each year.   In the winter months, Pathfinders cross-country ski and snowshoe while the non-snow-bunnies walk on a lower elevation route.   Pathfinder hikes are typically four to six miles with less than 1,000 feet of elevation gain. 

Cascadian Backpacking

Trips take place throughout much of the year: in high alpine locations during the summer and at lower elevations in the cooler months.

& Climbing

The origin of the club in 1920 was mountaineering.  Scrambles, rock climbing and glaciered peak mountaineering are all possible with the club.

Trail Maintenance Projects

Cross-Country Skiing & Snowshoe

Help maintain our trails.  Two days of volunteer trail work on supervised projects earns you a Northwest Forest Pass good for 12 months.  Work is available for all abilities.

Tuesdays and Saturdays during the winter months there is usually an outing.


Mountain biking in the desert and mountains.  Road rides throughout the season.

Golf 4 Fun

If you have a basic understanding of golf and your club head makes contact with the golf ball 3/4 of the time then this activity is for you! 

Paddling and Canoeing

If you enjoy still water kayaking or canoeing, come join us. We offer a variety of day trips as well as multi-day camping trips combined with paddling and hiking.

Camera Club

Are you an avid photographer who enjoys sharing your photos with other like-minded photographers?  Do you want to make new photography friends and learn the best places to photograph around Yakima and the Cascades?  If so, then the Cascadian Camera Club may be the place for you.


For the adventurer and traveler at heart, we do it all; traveling, hiking, paddling, biking & fun evening activities. See our yearly schedule in the Camping Forum then visit the calendar for details.

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